K2 Blocks

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$ 19 / Year For 1 Year


Expand the functionalities of the WordPress Gutenberg editor with K2 Blocks. Take your WordPress website to a whole new level with the essential and creative blocks from the K2 Blocks plugin that will lift your website’s design and boost its features.
K2 Blocks has the latest, most essential, ready made blocks for you to add to your WordPress website. This will speed up your WordPress website building process and make it so much simpler and more fun!

The ready made blocks by K2 blocks will save you loads of time when building your WordPress website. You will need minimum effort to customize the widgets according to your need. The ease of use makes the widgets even simpler, hence faster to edit and add.

K2 Blocks currently offers the following essential widgets:
1. Progress Bar – showcase progress, skills, and stats
2. Info Box – engage your users and get their attention
3. Call to Action (CTA) – encourage your users to take an action
4. Magic Image – showcase and transition through your panoramic images
5. Timer – keep your users excited through countdowns
6. Counter – showcase your accomplishments and let your numbers speak
7. Modal Box – show popup messages to catch the attention of your viewers
8. Premium Section – full-screen overlays to add excitement to your website
9. Hero Banner – show key information with beautiful animations
10. Heading – create captivating headings with multiple fonts and styles
11. Button – Enable your users to engage with your website using beautiful buttons

These widgets are carefully selected to help you add an extra element of creativity and advanced features to your WordPress website that Gutenberg editor does not offer.

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