K2 Blocks

Multi-Heading Block

The Multi Heading block is a versatile Gutenberg block that allows users to display headings of various types and styles. It provides a convenient way to structure and format content with different heading levels, making it easier for readers to navigate and understand the information.

K2-blocks multi-heading block includes the following features

  1. One heading with different colors
  2. Add gradient color within the heading
  3. Different size for each part of the heading

Getting started with multi-heading block:

Step-1: Install the k2-blocks plugins on your website from wordpress repository or download it from the website 

Step-2: Open your website gutenberg editor of the page and search for “multi-heading” and insert into the page

Step-3: Insert the block on the page and add the text for all three headings from the left panel

Step-4: Update the colors, font size and typography of the block using the right bar settings

Step-5: Publish the page and preview it using the link.

Get Started with K2-Blocks

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