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Basic Testimonial Block


Testimonials hold immense value in establishing trust and credibility for your brand. With the Basic Testimonials block offered by K2-Blocks, you can seamlessly showcase customer feedback and experiences on your website. This customizable block enables you to set the width and alignment of the testimonial, change the author's picture and its width, select quote font family and color, modify text attributes such as size, font, and color, personalize the author's name, and even customize the background color of the entire testimonial block. In this blog post, we will explore the various functionalities of Basic Testimonials and how they can amplify your brand's authenticity.


  1. Width and Alignment Flexibility:

The Basic Testimonials block in K2-Blocks allows you to set the width of the testimonial block, ensuring seamless integration with your website's design. Additionally, you can choose the alignment of the block, whether centered, left-aligned, or right-aligned. This versatility guarantees a cohesive and visually appealing display of customer testimonials.


  1. Personalized Author Picture:

Make your testimonials more relatable and authentic by incorporating genuine pictures of satisfied customers. K2-Blocks' Basic Testimonials block permits you to change the author's picture effortlessly. You can also adjust the width of the picture to ensure consistency across all testimonials.


  1. Quote Font Family and Color:

Create a visually captivating testimonial block by selecting a quote font family that reflects your brand's personality. Additionally, the ability to change the quote's color allows you to maintain consistency with your website's overall color scheme, reinforcing your brand identity.


  1. Customizable Text Attributes:

Make your testimonials visually appealing and easy to read by modifying the text attributes. Adjust the font size, font family, and color of the testimonial text to complement your website's design aesthetic and ensure maximum readability.


  1. Personalizing Author Information:

In addition to showcasing customer feedback, highlighting the author's name adds credibility to the testimonials. Customize the author's name by changing its color and size, making it visually distinct while maintaining brand consistency.


  1. Background Color Customization:

To further enhance the visual impact, K2-Blocks' Basic Testimonials block enables you to change the background color of the entire testimonial block. Tailor the background color to match your brand's visual identity and create a visually appealing and cohesive display.

Getting started with basic testimonial block:

Step-1: Install the k2-blocks plugins on your website from wordpress repository or download it from the website 

Step-2: Open your website gutenberg editor of the page and search for “Basic testimonials” and insert call to action block into the page.

Step-3: Insert the block on the page and start customizing according to your needs.

Step-4: Change images, change text of testimonial and author name.

Step-5: Publish the page and preview it using the link.


The Basic Testimonials block offered by K2-Blocks empowers you to harness the power of customer feedback and create an authentic connection with your audience. With functionalities ranging from width and alignment customization to personalized author pictures, font styles, text attributes, and background colors, testimonial blocks become a valuable tool in establishing trust and credibility for your brand. Utilize these features to showcase customer experiences, amplify your brand's authenticity, and drive higher engagement and conversions. Embrace the power of Basic Testimonials and let your satisfied customers become your brand ambassadors.

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